How do I relinquish my sense of control & space?

Would I be able to deconstruct my bias if I asked others to tell me what to do? 

5 people had about 7 minutes to respond to questions I asked them regarding my personal, future, potential location. They wrote their reponses on paper. 

1. Where should I go to disappear?

Inside a warm hug that smells of cinnamon.


A pipe.

The bottom of Ridgewood Reservoir.

A dry ice factory.

2. Where should I go to learn?

By the water (I’m thinking sweet water lake).

The 7 Train Main Street Subway Station.

To the Mountains.

The closest (small) farm.

Fetish Party.

3. Where should I go to purge?

Where it is damp and dark and people will hold you (Germany).

A clean lake.

To wherever Anna is.

The Scottish Highlands (as high as you can get).

Sad Sauna.

4. Where should I go to play?

I see sand grains covering your thighs, so probably somewhere hot and muddy.

Anywhere that’s soft to land, like lots of sand.

To your 5-year-old self.

The particle physics kitchen.

A library where everyone is drunk.

5. Where should I go to work?

Where you can use your fingers (Peru maybe)

The grocery store - specifically c-town.

A kitchen.

The closest small farm.

A black & white factory.
6. Where should I go to escape?

A dark disco with your eyes closed.

The Amazon rainforest.

A bush.

Go to sleep.

A room full of children.

7. Where should I go to be present?

Mountain-goat in your ear.

In front of a horse.

A desert.

Anywhere, on horseback.

A nude-movement workshop.

8. Where should I go to move from one place to another?

Inside a strong, luscious poem.

Between state lines, like in A Walk to Remember.

An atlas.

The library.

A bolt of lightning.

9. Where should I go for change?

On the street with a warm face.

The places of Queens and Brooklyn that are going through gentrification.

The north pole.

The laundrette.

A volcano filled with drugs.

10. Where should I go to make change?

Right where you are this very second.

A plot of soil ready for seeds.

The north pole.

The closest small farm, or the particle physics kitchen.

A gallery filled with bad art.