BECOMING : Virtual Reality Experience   (Prototype) 
in collaboration with Elizabeth Ferguson

Becoming is a multiplayer virtual reality prototype in which two visitors become historical figures from the past. Visitors embody avatars that are representative of two women who dedicated their lives to environmental justice, Wangari Maathai (1940 - 2011) and Rachel Carson (1907 - 1964). Together, they must collaborate to unravel these women's stories by completing interactions indicative of their accomplishments and explore spaces that evoke the settings in which they lived and worked. 

We strived to use these digital means to explore alternatives for the creation and experience of memory, in addition to providing collaborative means with which to do so. Find out more about Maathai and Carson, as well as the user flow here. We employed a variety of technologies/softwares to create the avatars and gameworlds. These include photogrammetry, Unity plug-ins & Adobe Fuse. Find our source code here.

Role: Ideation, Research, Character & Environment Design, Programming